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The year 2019 is right here and we are all excited to see the new hairstyle trends for this year. The runway models and the celebrity styles have already put together the new hair trends for 2019 and we will see the emerging trends of low maintenance cuts, easy bangs, and greater textures as the dominating styles in the hair arena



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The classic ponytail is dictating trends. One can wear a pony tail high or low, with a fringe or without. Accessorise it with ribbons, clips or other hair accessories. Ponytail is perfect for both formal or informal look. Girls with long face can wear a low ponytail and a light long fringe falling straight down. For an oval face, wear it with a side-swept fringe. For a square jawed face, have wisps of long curls falling down on either side of the face, just beyond jaw level.



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Braids have been decorating hair since time immemorial. They’re derived from a very old tribal tradition that has become a fashion trend nowadays. This style was in trend during 90s and is back again. The new trendy plaits are a cross-tie of hair giving a root look to the hair which is a dominating style of 2019. They look classy and are very easy to maintain. It is amazing to see how braid styles were inspired by school girls and are now trending in fashion shows.

Tamed Hair


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In 2018, women had gone to extreme lengths to experiment with their hair. From colouring to iron straightening, they had tried every possible way to stay trendy and not to mention that this has caused undue frizz and damage to the hair. However, this is not we fear in 2019 as the keratin treatment has come to the rescue. This trend became famous a few years ago and is not going anywhere this year as well. After the treatment, the hair shines immaculately like a sparkle and becomes healthy, straight, soft, and smooth like never before. The treatment also nourishes and protects hair from damage.



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Since the bouffant, which was the fashion during the 60s, is coming back, half the hair can be put in a bouffant, with the rest coming down. In fact, the bouffant can be used to add height to a round face. The rest of the hair can fall softly down, framing the face. For curly hair, you can have a side-swept style. What you need are some bob-pins to hold up the hair, when you put it up. Comb the top of the hair and settle it the way you went. Then, take the hair and put it to one side. Pin it so that it stays on that side. Then section the hair and start putting it up loosely, a section at a time, and pin each section of curls. Pin it in a way that the curls fall loosely. Continue with this, till the entire hair is up. Spray with medium hair spray. You can pin up a flower at the side, if you wish.

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