Think only Delhi Metro travellers don’t like rules? Think again!
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If you travel by the Delhi Metro, you would be familiar with the sight of commuters not adhering to the common guidelines, such as the advice to not crowd in front of the door, to not listen to loud music, and so much more. Surprise, surprise – such behaviour is not limited to just Delhiites – the London Tube too has its fair share of offenders!

Transport for London (TfL), a local government body responsible for the transport system in Greater London, England, recently decided to paint – on a trial basis – sections of the platforms of the London Tube where doors open, in a bid to reduce congestion. As seen on our own Delhi Metro too, passengers tend to congregate at particular spots – near staircases, for instance – as they are not aware of where exactly the doors will open, or are too lazy to walk further.

Intentions may be noble, but they have brought on some ire from passengers, disappointed that their “competitive advantage” had been spoilt. Here’s a sample from the responses:

“20yrs of personal tube platform expertise and competitive commuting advantage rendered useless by some green paint.”

One traveller was irked that his personal technique had been upstaged:

“My method usually involved studying the areas that had been excessively muddied from shoe soles. That knowledge now under threat.”

There were solutions, too:

“The only possible solution is to buy green paint and paint the entire platform green #problemsolved”

TfL explained that the trail is among various solutions they are examining to reduce congestion on platforms at busy times.

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