You think you’re a good photographer? Think twice
  • Story Crux Team

Thanks to the use of smartphones, everyone thinks they’re a photographer nowadays. It’s time to rethink.

A well photographed panoramic picture can bring a smile in your face. They can bring out the real beauty. These, however, are not well executed.

Because apparently there’s more to taking a good panoramic picture than just simply choosing the right setting and moving your arm really slowly.

Here are 10 panoramic picture fails that’ll give you nightmares. Sorry.

Caterpillar: Are you sure? Image:

Here she goes: It could have been a all-encompassing view of the arena, but it went off slightly. Image:

Chopped: Not a great dive. Image:

Elongated face: Look at the man not the horse. Image:


Compact horses: Horses are beautiful, so they say. Image:

Harry Potter: Right out of the Harry Potter movies. Image:

Monkey Man: Are you standing? Image:

Hollowman: The beer effect. Image:

Nightmare: Stop the dog. Image:

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