In Time For Halloween: 5 Must-Visit Haunted Places In New Delhi
  • Story Crux Team

Mysterious whisperings, haunted metro-stations, eerie burial grounds, New Delhi has become the new spooky capital!

Famously known as the “city of djinns”, Delhi prides itself in being a favourite location for adrenaline-junkies. With historical remnants of palaces, forts and tombs of Delhi are home to some chilling stories that have the potential to curdle your blood at the very notion of visiting them. So next time you visit one of these places, look around and tread carefully!

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal, Jhandewalan

The 14th century hunting lodge for Tuglaq rulers, Bhooli Bhatiyari is arguably the most haunted place in Delhi. A written note at the entrance welcomes the visitors, which reads: “Do not come near this place after sunset”. This sets the tone right for a daring escapade into this deserted place bordered with mini-fortresses and arched gateways. If you intend to spend a night there, ignore the ghostly voices of men and women that echo down the ruined palace!

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal, Jhandewalan

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg

What is striking about this 14th century citadel? Its loneliness. William Dalrymple’s book “City of Djinns” notes that this fort is occupied by multitude of Djinns (Arabian word meaning: an intelligent spirit of lower rank than the angels, able to appear in human and animal forms and to possess humans) invisible to the naked eye. Locals will tell you that you could please the spirits with incense sticks and other offerings and they’d be at your eternal command.

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station, Dwarka

A mysterious peepal tree has taken a ghostly form in the middle of the road in Andheria Mor, Dwarka Sector 9. Many young call centre workers from Gurgaon have reported that they have witnessed an old woman running behind their cab who disappears once she catches up with the speed of the car.
Is the old woman looking for the killers of the innocent school girl who was murdered in a school cab near this place? You never know!

mysterious peepal tree

Khooni Jheel in the Ridge, North Campus

As reminder of the revolt of 1857, the Khooni Jheel has various monuments in and around it. One of the many stories that go around says that people see a headless soldier on a horseback taking rounds after midnight in this area. Watch out for deep growling sounds and ghostly apparitions brandishing their swords!

Khooni Jheel in the Ridge

Lothian Cemetery, Kashmiri Gate

One of the oldest burial grounds in the town, the Lothian cemetery is home to many British families. The ghost of a headless soldier who committed suicide due to his unrequited love adds to the spooky setting of a cemetery. Head out on an ‘amavas ki raat’ to make the best of your visit and to get a full view of the apparition in its grandeur!

Lothian Cemetery