Travel Smart and Avoid Embarrassment
  • Story Crux Team

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, goes the popular saying. Well, it couldn’t be more correct when it comes to globetrotting. A harmless behaviour in our own country might have an altogether different meaning in the other. Hence, when you travel to other nations it’s better to follow their traditions or you might end up with a foot-in-the-mouth situation!

Here is a list of behaviour DON’Ts that will help you bond better with your universal peers.

Country: Germany


Avoid: Never do the Nazi salute or anything that resembles it as it could land you for 5 years in prison! Placing your hands in your pocket while talking is considered impolite.

Country: Malaysia


Avoid: Never touch anyone’s head or pass anything above it as it is seen as the most holy part of the body. Also, pointing a finger is considered rude, use your thumb instead.

Country: Japan


Avoid: Tipping waiters and waitresses in Japan is not customary and hugely condemned. Do not be offended if your tip is refused.

Country: Italy


Avoid: No matter how tempted you are never eat with your hands when in Italy as it’s considered bad behaviour. Pizza, wraps, rolls etc., aren’t an exception.

Country: Austria


Avoid: Do not leave your passport at the hotel while travelling in the interiors of Austria as that’s the only document that is considered valid for entry in its various districts. Driving licence as an alternate ID won’t work.

Country: China


Avoid: It’s rude to ask for milk in your tea in China. There is a wide and unique variety of black teas for you to enjoy. Also, never greet anyone by hugging or kissing, like in Japan.

Country: Russia


Avoid: Russians do not gift someone a bouquet with even number of flowers as it is something that takes place only during funerals. Avoid whistling indoors, it signifies bad luck.

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