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Bill gates

Meet the self-made rich and famous tech guys of the world.

Technology has reached a level we couldn’t imagine some years back. There were some people who were tech freaks and were visualising technology on a level that we are so used to today. It did not happen for them in one day but yes, these men just changed the world of technology but also due to their innovation, changed their own identity to be known as world-wide famous! Know them.

Bill Gates – Co-founder of Microsoft, his company went public before Gates turned 31, making him a billionaire. His net worth is USD 85.5 billion.

Bill Gates


Jeff Bezos – With net worth of USD 73.1 billion, Bezos earned a massive fortune after he founded, and operated as just an online book retailer. Today, sells almost everything you can think about!

Heff Bezos


Mark Zuckerberg – The face behind Facebook has a net worth of USD 58.5 billion. Zuckerbeg is the youngest of the 50 richest people of the world.

Mark Zukerberg


Larry Ellison – With net worth of USD 45.3 billion, Oracle Corp. today is a giant company. The revenue earned by the company last year was USD 37 billion.

Larry Ellison


Larry Page – Started to create an early search engine, BackRub. The project eventually morphed into Google, now called Alphabet- which is worth more than USD 581 billion. Page’s net worth today is USD 42.5 billion.

Larry Page google


Jack Ma – The Alibaba founder, started his first internet company, Yellowpages, to which he lost control to a state-owned telecom. Fifteen years after the start of Alibaba, the company broke records with USD 25 billion initial public offering. Ma’s wealth increased by USD 8.4 billion over the past year, making his net worth of USD 35.7 billion.

Jack Ma Alibaba


So much of fortune made through tech? Impressive list huh!

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