Varun Dhawan shares a pic with Niece

The Dhawan family welcomed a little angel on May 29, 2018 when Varun Dhawan’s brother Rohit Dhawan and Jaanvi Desai Dhawan were blessed with their first child. Nobody had seen the little girl except the family members until Varun took to Instagram today to share the first glimpse of his niece.

Varun Dhawan

Credit: Uttarpradesh.org

Varun Dhawan captioned the pic, “♥️ love at first sight”. In the picture, the family is dressed in white t-shirts, with their respective titles – ‘Dada No 1’- David, ‘Dadi No 1’- Laali Dhawan, ‘Daddy No 1’- Rohit, ‘Mumma No 1’- Jaanvi, and ‘Chachu No 1’- Varun. All were gazing adoringly at the baby girl in the picture.

Jaanvi Desai Dhawan Rohit Dhawan Varun Dhawan