After Ventilator, Kaay Re Rascalaa sets the box office ringing

Actor Priyanka Chopra’s second Marathi outing, Kaay Re Rascalaa, has been garnering a fab response at the box office since its recent release.

Despite receiving rave reviews from the critics, the comedy drama gained popularity post its release owing to word-of-mouth publicity. The film is being highly talked-about for its powerful star cast, which includes seasoned actors like Nagesh Bhosle, Supriya Pathare and youngsters Akshar Kothari and Nikhil Ratnaparkhi. Gaurav Ghatnekar, who essays the male protagonist in Kaay Re Rascalaa, has been praised for his stellar performance as a con-artist. Nihar Gite, popular child actor also leaves an impression with his easy acting skills.

Since the release of the film, Priyanka has been referring to Gaurav as a ‘gift’ to the film. In fact, the Bollywood actor while talking to the media said that she is happy that the lead role in her film was played by a talented actor like Gaurav. The film is co-produced by Priyanka’s mother Dr Madhu Chopra, who shared that she is happy the way film’s popularity is growing, and also added that the cast of the film is wonderful.

Sharing his sentiments, Gaurav said, “The film is an out-and-out entertainer. I had anticipated that the topic will be appreciated by the audience.” The movie highlights the subject of kids reality shows.

Priyanka’s debut Marathi film, Ventilator, had won two national awards. Now, with Kaay Re Rascalaa receiving a positive response, we can finally say that the actor has arrived as a Marathi producer, although a day, when fans get to see their favourite actress acting on the Marathi celluloid, is eagerly awaited!

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