Vibrant Corners of the World
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Art fairs have seen a makeover with coming of Mural Festivals. One can see artists from across the globe flocking to different countries to transform buildings into stunning pieces of art and craftsmanship.

In the US, it all started with the boom of government-commissioned public art under Roosevelt’s New Deal. The 60s and 70s saw graffiti on the walls alongside murals. All this gave birth to a new colourful movement called the Street Art Movement. In 1984, Anti-graffiti movement was launched leading to launch of public works to cover up the illegal graffiti on the walls. The launch of street art and government-commissioned murals culminated into a global festival movement to beautify architecture in the cities across the globe.

Let us take a trip to the colourful corners of the world to see some of the best mural festivals.

Murals in the Market; Detroit, Michigan
September 13-22, 2018


Credit: Detroit Unspun

The fourth edition of the Murals in the Market will be bigger and better. The festival that has already produced more than 120 murals in Detroit’s Eastern Market neighbourhood, will last for one extra day this year. Tourist can enjoy a paint-filled trip for 10 days rather than 9 as during the previous editions of the festival. The event will host a family reunion-style block party to kick-off the painting. One can enjoy new art-walk maps that will lead visitors on a tour of all the murals from past to present.

Graffiato Street Art Festival; Taupo, New Zealand
October 19-22, 2018

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Credit: Travel.Differently

Graffiato was the first street festival of New Zealand. During the festival, around 120 murals have been created making Taupo home to the largest collection of public murals by local artists in New Zealand. Highlights of the festival include pieces dedicated to and in honour of the country’s native Māori tribes.

MURAL Festival; Montreal, Canada
June 2019


Credit: Pinterest

Entering the 7th year of existence, MURAL Festival is among the world’s largest street art festivals. Tourists can see approximately 100 murals created during the festival since 2013. Majority of the murals created during the festival are concentrated along Boulevard Saint-Laurent. The highlights of the festival include scheduled parties, concerts and walking tours of the art.

Stencibility; Tartu, Estonia
June 2019

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This festival is very different from other festivals across the globe. Here every surface is a potential spot of art. It is not just about murals on designated walls but artists can paint everything from plain wall, smokestack and even sidewalk. Past editions have seen sculpted faces emerging from the walls, knitted installations and spray paint-free sidewalk art.

Wonderwalls, Australia
Dates not yet announced

Vibrant Corners of the World

Credit: Fresh 92.7

Annual mural festival in Australia is yet unscheduled but should not be missed as it is sure to offer a ton of fun-filled activities. Along with large and small-scale mural festivals happening across the cities, the festival also hosts exhibitions on technique, processes and styles at several locations. The artists host discussions on how they have created different artworks and how their approach has changed over time.

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