Vivek Oberoi’s WhatsApp chat leaked
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The moment the news of Salman Khan’s five-year jail sentence broke, sadness descended on my colleagues. Well, a handful of them. There were debates and discussions and some feeble attempts to highlight Bhai’s humanitarian side. A self-claimed Bhai bhakt even skipped lunch and put on a playlist of his hit songs for the rest of the day (Tere naam playing on loop can drive you crazy). Then there were people like me who were quite unperturbed by the news.

It got me thinking: If this was the condition in my office, how would some Bollywood celebs, who have had major tiffs with the actor, be feeling? Would they be relieved? Would they rejoice? Throw a party? Restore faith in the age-old saying ‘bhagwan ke ghar mein der hai, andher nahi’? I shared the idea with the creative team at my office, who thought it’d be fun to imagine a dialogue between all those who Bhai had managed to annoy during his career. Hope you have fun reading the conversation!

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