Wanderlust With Parents
  • Story Crux Team

Connect with your folks amidst the beauty of these destinations in India!

Reconnecting with folks and getting to know them outside your home is an amazing experience. Plans are often made with friends and the age group alike but planning with parents and pampering them on a vacation can be full of fond memories. Here are a few places that you would like to consider travelling with your folks! 

Kasauli – A small town but a cosy place with calm atmosphere. Make a nice little trip with parents and explore the food stalls, temples, architecture, Baptist Church, sunset point and much more.


Jaipur – If your folks are fond of arts, artifacts, architecture and history, then Jaipur is a good city to visit. The markets, food and forts will have lot of tales to make you regale.

architecture and history

Coorg – There are many beautiful things to check out in this place from coffee plantations, waterfalls and greenery. You can explore Nagarhole National Park, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary here.


Agra – It might sound cliché to visit but it is one of the nearest getaway from Delhi and you can help your parents to make this trip a memory recall.


Vrindavan – For religious point of view, this place is a beautiful point of interest as there are many temples here.


Kashmir – Indulge your parents in the charming beauty of Kashmir that offers much-deserved peace and calm in this stressful and busy life.


Shillong – Valleys, lakes, forests, rivers and waterfalls- the natural beauty of this place will spell bind your folks. Spend quality time taking their pictures in this picturesque location.


Ooty – Start your day here with peaceful mornings and evenings by visiting the beautiful tea gardens. There are many other sights to behold.


What are you waiting for? Think how happy a vacation can make your parents till you plan another memorable trip.