Wanna travel with your entire wardrobe? Fly with these airlines
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For those of us who cannot pack light, deciding what to stuff into their travel bag is a tough choice. If it were not for an airline luggage allowance limit, we might have chosen to carry our entire closet with us! Luckily, there are some airlines across the world that have a baggage allowance limit high enough to nearly fulfill that fantasy. We list six that could let you tote your entire wardrobe to your next vacation.

Vistara: Travel in style with Vistara, which allows a maximum check in luggage weight of 30 kg for Business class passengers.

Air India: India’s national carrier offers a whopping free baggage allowance of 25 kg, 35 kg and 40 kg for Economy, Business and First class passengers respectively. For international destinations, the Maharajah allows free baggage check-in ranging from 30 kg to 40 kg, depending on where you are flying to.

Alitalia: If you are boarding the flag carrier of Italy, you are allowed to check in luggage weighing as much as 30 kg! The baggage allowance, however, varies from class to class and also from destination to destination.

American Airlines: Depending on route and class, you can tag along a bag weighing anywhere between 23 kg to 32 kg. Plus, you are entitled to one piece of carry-on cabin luggage too.

Lufthansa: When you book a ticket with Lufthansa, feel free to pack in as much as you want because the airline allows you to check in luggage weighing as much as 40 kg!

British Airways: British Airways lets you take along two bags weighing a maximum (individually) of 23 kg in Economy, and 32 kg in both Premium Economy and First Class.

So pack all you want and fly safe!

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