Want to protect the Earth from aliens? NASA has a job for you!

Hiring for what is officially the coolest job ever, NASA is seeking its next Planetary Protection Officer. What is that, you ask? Exactly what it sounds like – someone who is paid for protecting the Earth from alien matter and vice versa. It’s like a regular workplace health and safety position, only it’s for space missions instead of an office. How cool is that?!

The post has been officially advertised on, with a fairly dry description that does little to take away from any Men In Black fantasies you might be having right now. If you land this job, you’ll have access to space missions like the exploration of Jupiter’s moon, Europa. If that doesn’t merit a few Agent J and Agent K escapades in your head, we don’t know what does.

According to the NASA website, the Office of Planetary Protection preserves “our ability to study other worlds as they exist in their natural states,” and avoids any contamination from Earth microbes. It is also responsible for making sure that “prudent precautions” are taken to protect Earth from alien contamination. In Earth-speak, this means that the space agency doesn’t want to mess with any alien ecosystem, and it also doesn’t want to bring any alien ecosystem back home to Earth.

Men In Black NASA