Watch: Sydney Police Chasing a Kangaroo on the Harbour Bridge
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Harbour Bridge

A wallaby has been captured by police after an early morning hop over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Traffic Management Centre said a “kangaroo” was seen about 5am on Tuesday travelling south on the bridge.

The Aussies often joke that tourists visiting their country have unusual expectations. As Kangaroos are the local and indigenous animal of this region, tourists often expect to see kangaroos hopping across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or so the Aussies candidly say. However, the joke was on the Aussies on Tuesday when the Sydney Police did actually sight a wayward wallaby hopping across the iconic monument.

“Officers took the startled macropod into police custody … with the police mounted unit arriving on scene soon after to take it to the zoo for veterinary assessment,” New South Wales Police said in a statement. According to reports, chased the mysterious marsupial on foot and in a car over the bridge around dawn before catching it in a downtown park and taking it to the city’s Taronga Zoo.


Meanwhile, a video of the chase, taken partially by CCTV cameras and by the pursuing police car, has gone viral on social media. The small kangaroo can be seen hopping across the famous bridge while the policeman stifled a laugh as he drove behind.

“Sydney’s got the best harbour in the world, so I’d imagine he was taking in the view,” police inspector Kylie Smith later told reporters. “We actually do have wallabies or kangaroos that jump down the main street of Sydney.”

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The report also suggests that the wallaby began its city tour at a golf club on the harbour’s north shore before being spotted on the bridge at 5am. While kangaroos and wallabyies are easily spotted in the rural and suburban areas in the land down under but one usually doesn’t get to spot them in highly populated cities.
“I’m from the ‘bushes’ (rural Australia), so I’m used to seeing them running around all over the place but I’ve never seen one so close to the city before,” said a cab driver said who was driving his cab at the time and spotted the wallaby galloping on the bridge.

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