What if Harry Potter’s World of Magic Was in India?
  • Story Crux Team

Ever wondered that what would it be like if Harry Potter and the wizarding world was based in India?

As June 26 marked 20 years of JK Rowling iconic fantasy book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, fans of the books and the movies went bonkers on social media websites, most of them felt nostalgic and shared their first impressions of the book and movies.

So we decided to tickle your funny bone with an unusual scenario – What would it be like if Harry Potter and his world of witchcraft and wizardry took place in India instead of England?

Here are some of the hilarious challenges that Harry, his friends and his teachers would have to encounter:

1. Harry Potter would probably never get into Hogwarts because of the high cut-off.

2. The witch going around with a trolley full of magical chocolate and candies in The Hogwarts Express trolley would most likely be replaced by a man yelling “chai coffee saaandwiiiich.

3. The Sorting Hat would take bribes.

4. Shah Rukh Khan and the Ambanis would own different Quidditch teams.

5. You wouldn’t have to run into a wall, it is more likely that you’d be pushed into it by the crowd.

6. Ron’s Flying Ford Anglia would be replaced by a lal-batti waali ambassador.

7. You’d probably have a coolie to carry your luggage and pet.

8. Bappi Lahiri would be the best seeker of all-time because well, it’s gold!

9. The Tri-Wizard Tournament would be replaced with Big Boss.

10. Moving portraits would be in a constant state of buffering.

11. Irrespective of his real name, everybody would call Dobby, ‘Chotu’.

12. Draco’s slick hair would always smell of Parachute coconut hair oil.

13. The students would be divided into houses based on their caste. Four categories would not be sufficient.

14. The Great Hall would have separate tables for vegetarian, non-vegetarian and Jain food.

15. Instead of only scolding you, mothers would constantly send howlers ending with “Tum bilkul apne papa pe gaye ho”.

16. Everything sold at Diagon Alley would be bargainable down to less than half its price.

17. The Quidditch World Cup would still happen but not in the air but on foot, because of budget constraints. Actually, it already does, but thankfully not in India.

18. Everyone would cover their wands with plastic, taki ganda na ho jaye.

19. Hogwarts would be called IIM – Indian Institute of Magic.

20. Hogwarts would have a thriving tuition class industry during OWL exam season.

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