Whooping budgets of Hollywood films

You must have always checked the earnings of the films on box office. Ever wondered how much the production houses spend to bring to you some of your favourite movies? Here is a look at the record-breaking budget of some films

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides ($403 Million)

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The film is considered to be the most expensive film ever made. Various scenes of the film were shot at locations including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, California and the United Kingdom. To execute the visual effects of the film, ten different companies were required. 3D cameras similar to the ones from Avatar were also used during production.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End ($347 Million)

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The highest grossing film of 2007 is also the second most expensive film. Lot of money was spent on snacks prepared by the craft service chef.

Cleopatra ($334 Million)

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The 1963 film that managed to take four Oscars home got mixed reviews from the critics. The film was a loss at the budget because of its huge budget.

Titanic ($298 Million)

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James Cameron was originally given an $80 million budget. A large sum of production money went to building a 90-percent-scale Titanic in a large water tank.

Spider-Man 3 ($298 Million)

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The third highest grossing film was more successful that the two predecessors of the film.

Tangled ($286 Million)

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The film was in development for about 10 years. Money was spent on taking cues from the film Rapunzel, which was never completed. The characters of the film were made to resemble Disney’s hand-drawn past.

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