We Will Miss You Mc Donalds!
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McDonald’s To Face Closure in North and East India. The US burger chain is terminating its agreement due to breach of franchise agreement.

Sad News for all the Mc Donalds lovers! You are going to miss your pizza mc puff, chicken mc grill burger, paneer wrap and so much from McDonald’s. Yes, that sounds sad but is true!

McDonald’s is shutting 169 stores in North and East India run by Connaught Plaza Restaurant Ltd (CPRL). This means, the outlets can’t use the brand name, trademark, designs, recipes or any other intellectual property for any operations.

What led to this? It is the outcome of the 43 outlets that were earlier shut due to non-renewal of eating house licences by local authorities.

How will this impact? The impact of this will lead to 10,000 people losing their jobs, which also includes farmers who were supplying the raw produce like potatoes, tomatoes, etcetera.

So, what now? McDonald’s India is now scouting for a new partner to re-establish the stores as profitable business in North and East of the country.