Women in Saudi take the wheel
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saudi woman driving

The ultraconservative kingdom rises from its longstanding policy of not letting women drive.

What an awesome news, finally! The ban on letting women drive has been lifted in Saudi Arabia as the government gives a positive nod. Saudi women get the right to drive from June 2018.
This move has been appreciated by government of every country in the world. The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, ordered the reform in a royal decree requesting that drivers’ licences to be issued to women.

After the women were allowed to vote and run for seats on the kingdom’s local councils in 2015, and later also allowed to enter into a sports stadium last week, this new step has been welcomed by the women community as a new cultural revolution.

The campaign to allow female drivers, which started about 10 years ago in Saudi Arabia, has got a new lease of life. A committee will be formed by senior officials to study on how to implement the move.

Easing restrictions and breaking the gender barriers, this move will further lead to social interaction between men and women outside immediate family environment. This will be a step towards women empowerment, which was essential to increase women participation in the workforce.