The world’s fastest production car just did 458 kph
Fastest car in the world

You got that right! The world of hypercars is one of dizzying speed numbers, and Koenigsegg just served up a big one – its Agera RS clocked an almost obscene 458 kph (284.55 mph) on a public highway in Nevada in the US.

Fatest car


The record attempt was made on a 17.7 km (11 mile) stretch of a public highway near Las Vegas that had been closed down by Nevada authorities for the attempt. Koenigsegg’s factory test driver Niklas Lilja clocked 458 kph (284.55 mph) in one direction and 436 kph (271.19 mph on the return run, fighting strong headwinds and an an uphill gradient. By doing this, Koenigsegg usurped the production car land speed record – calculated as the average top speed of a two-way speed run – from Bugatti, which so far was holding on to 431 kph (268 mph) achieved back in 2010.

And you thought you could drive fast???

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