You’ll go ROFL with Swaraj Kaushal’s Twitter Response
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Our politicians can be really funny sometimes, and we wouldn’t know this if it weren’t for Twitter! Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj is known for her proactive responses to any calamity affecting Indians anywhere in the world. The lady is equally active on Twitter too. And she shares this trait with her husband Swaraj Kaushal, the former Governor of Mizoram, who’s quite popular on Twitter himself.

A random guy casually decided to ask Governor Swaraj how much money his wife makes:

And then, this happened.

Instead of ignoring the utterly irrelevant query, Swaraj Kaushal’s witty response had the Twitterati in splits.

And this wasn’t all. Kaushal’s next tweet was even better:

In the past, even Sushma Swaraj has tweeted a hilarious response to someone who thought ministers like her help out in pretty much any matter. The person, who goes by the name Venkat on Twitter, wanted his defective refrigerator replaced. He even tweeted the serial number of the refrigerator to Swaraj, also tagging Ram Vilas Paswan, the Union Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution in the tweet.

@irvpaswan @SushmaSwaraj Dear Ministers, @Samsung_IN sold me a defective refrigerator, they r not ready to replace
— Venkat (@M_VenkatM) June 13, 2016

And then Swaraj, known for quick responses on the micro-blogging platform, tweeted back. Like we said, it was hilarious. Check it out:

This husband-wife duo is undoubtedly the king and queen of Twitter comebacks! Whatsay?

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